Jan. 15th, 2009

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It's nice to have wireless access anywhere...

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So tired...

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Taken last night...

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Nice trim!

I think I'm starting to look good.

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I wrote this on a notepad while on the Red Line subway from the Valley to Downtown LA.  The original date was Tuesday 1/13, around 4 PM.

This is pen-and-paper, I'll transcribe later.

So far it's been a decent trip.  I've been taking photograqphs, when I get back to Dad's house I'll do a Flickr dump.  Right now I'm on an MTA train getting ready to take off and head into Downtown; I want to stop at LAPL and get a couple shots, as well as get something from the shop there.

Here we go... "Red Line train to Union Station."

This is certainly a different trip than what I expected it to be.  I think the weather has a lot to do with it, sunny skies and temps in the 80's.

"Universal City."  Oy, tourists.  This station by the way has a memorial to the Campo de Cahuenga, where the LA area was officially surrendered to American troops in 1847.

Under the Hollywood Hills now.  I didn't want to drive to Downtown, [livejournal.com profile] clwolf81 and [livejournal.com profile] azarsuerte among others know just how much I detest traffic on the Hollywood Freeway.  Man this train is so much smoother than the CTA.

Hollywood and Highland

The system is busier than I remember.  SOme people are standing going inbound during afternoon rush.  You have to listen carefully, they don't have the CTA's cheery canned voice.

Hollywood and Vine: ceiling of film reels, very 30's and 40's Hollywood.  Oh no... an older Chinese lady fell as we took off, fortunately I think she's ok, the floors on this thing are rubberized.

Western, blase.  I'm tempted to stay an extra day.

Going down Vermont now...

Santa Monica, this train is getting ful

People still getting on at Beverly.

Wilshire is next, let's see how many get off.  People are getting on.


7th, my stop!

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