May. 20th, 2009

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I'm back in Chicago now.  The weekend up in Vancouver was an absolute blast, though a bit of a runaround in places.

After I got off the ferry on Friday evening, I went and got the car and started heading east.  My tux for the wedding was ready, and I was hoping that I could get it before 9.  (The ferry got in about 7:45 and it took about 15 minutes to walk to the car.)  Unfortuantely, the freeway system in southwestern British Columbia is a bit... confusing.  I didn't want to drive back into Vancouver to just turn east, so I tried taking 91 over to New Westminster and cutting across to 1.  (The mall was in Coquitlam.)  I ended up getting totally turned around in New Westminster and when I looked at the clock, it was 8:45.  Crap.  So I just said "fuck it" and found a place where I could mooch free wireless (from a hotel next to a McDonalds, ironically) and then headed back to Anibal's place.

Saturday was busy.  I went and got my tux, and then got my hair cut.  I putzed my way back, then we drove out to the rehearsal at the church.  Things went off without a hitch, and we then went to the rehearsal dinner.  The food was magnificent and the company was wonderful.  Afterwards, Anibal and Sherie wanted to go over the dance, so I drove Anibal to her place.  I was pretty much unconscious on the couch (snoring while vertical) and then we went home.

We had a good breakfast on Sunday, and then got prepared.  I took Anibal over to his parents' house for a little bit, and then we headed up to the church.  Sherie was a little late (what bride isn't?) and when she showed?  A vision.  Beautiful.  The ceremony was beautiful; I only hope when I do finally tie the knot that I'm as lucky to find as wonderful a mate.

Here's to my friends, Dr. Anibal and Mrs. Sherie Bohorquez!

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