May. 15th, 2009

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in Victoria is AMAZING.  A very well-made and wonderfully decorated building.  Lots of stained glass that I like too!
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Today was certainly a good walking workout. I parked at the economy lot in Tsawassen and had a ways to walk from there to the terminal, and then I did a bit of walking when in Victoria proper. I enjoyed it, especially walking through downtown Victoria and exploring the Parliament building.

I will say, that building is spectacular. The building is functional, but is an example of how Victorian architecture was raised to high art. There is some beautiful stained glass throughout the building, including a beautiful window that had been installed as a commemmoration of Queen Victoria's jubilee. On the opposite wall is a window that was designed for Queen Elizabeth II's jubilee from seven years ago.

There are also windows for various arts and virtues; they had placed reproductions on refrigerator magnets. I decided to pick some up, as well as a tin of the official blend of tea that the MLA's (Members of the Legislative Assembly) are served. It smelled nummy, and had a cute tea tin.

I also putzed around a little downtown. There are some nice buildings there, including a 1904 Carnegie library that is no longer in its original use. I also saw a yarn shop on the way in that I stuck my nose into; I've now got wool for three more pairs of good socks. At the very least, I can take some consolation that the exchange rate is in my favor for purchases. (If I were driving back to Chicago, I'd probably stop at a duty-free shop on the border and pick some stuff up, lol.)

Once I get off the boat, I have to run over to the mall in Lougheed and pick up my tux. (It had bloody better FIT this time!) Anibal txted me and said it's open late; the bus to the ferry terminal at Swartz Bay was LATE and I missed the 5:00 PM boat.

I'm going to find a seat and doze. Since the networks dont seem to work on this boat (I'm going to catch a steward and ask about that) I have to type this and post later. Sheesh.

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