May. 13th, 2009

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Vancouver is a great city, no question about that.

Yesterday I picked up my sweater and stayed in Seattle a little bit, then I realized that it was getting late and hopped on I-5 heading north.  The route between Seattle and the Canadian border is much different than between Los Angeles and the Mexican border, even though the distances are approximately the same.  Pretty much there are some towns and small villages, but Bellingham is about the only city of consequence.  Blaine, Washington is a TINY village!  I crossed the border with no problem.  The Canadian border guard asked a few questions (why are you here, how long will you be, etc) and waved me through.  I was pretty careful though... my rental has Washington plates on it so the last thing I need is to get a traffic ticket in Canada.

Today Anibal and I are going to meet up with Sherie and do a little sightseeing.  Friday will be the trip out to Victoria.

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