May. 11th, 2009

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Well, so far I've had a good time on this trip. Friday I spent putzing around Tacoma, Saturday I went up to Seattle, Sunday I went to Olympia, and today I went back to Seattle. It's been fun and I'm one tired cub.

I wasn't kidding when I said that Seattle is da BOMB. I did figure out that the men are like everywhere else (some flaky, some cool), but the city is really nice, the people in general are really friendly. I even went to the Starfux across the street from Pike Place Market and had a cuppa (when I txted [ profile] chord and told him his response was "ooo, Mecca!") and took a picture of the sign, which is the old double-fishtail mermaid, bazoombas and all!  I also took a look at the fish market, impressive!  I do have to go back in the morning though on my way up; I accidentally left my sweater there and need to pick it up.

Yesterday, my aunt said that my cousin Shayne and his crowd were having a bbq in the afternoon, so we went there.  I spent the morning down at the State Capitol in Olympia taking pictures and putzing around.  Olympia is a very cute town too.  When I got back into Tacoma I went over to Shayne's house; his wife is very nice and their girls (his hers and theirs in one big blended family) are really sweet.  However, I don't envy him when they start hitting puberty...

Tomorrow is the big trip north.  Hopefully there won't be too much grief crossing the border; I haven't been out of the United States since I was in high school and have never spent a night out of the country.

So we'll see.

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